6 Amazing Health benefits of Eating Mango

health benefits of mango

No-one can say no to delicious Mango-the king of fruits but ever wonder if its healthy too??

Well its loaded with tons of good health benefits too!

One cup of mango also supplies about 75% of the daily minimum vitamin C intake.

Health Benefits of Eating Mangoes:

The bright yellow color of mangoes comes from ‘Carotenoids’. These carotenoids in mangoes support eye-health, help maintain good eye vision and fight or slow the progression of cataracts and macular degeneration.

Mangoes contains* Vitamin A and Vitamin C, Both are powerful antioxidants protecting us from skin aging, cancer, heart disease and various types of disease related to oxidative stress. Not only this Vitamin A and C boost our immunity too.
Apart from Vitamins they have several other poly-phenols which also have very powerful anti-oxidant activity.
Mangoes also have good amount of fiber that keeps you full and this fiber also helps in good digestive system.
Mangoes also have food potassium content and Increasing potassium and decreasing sodium in the diet are among the most important dietary changes a person can make to reduce their risk of high blood pressure.
平 Mangoes prevent skin aging by fighting oxidative stress. Vitamin C helps in production of collagen, a type of tissue that gives skin its elasticity and helps prevent wrinkles and sagging.

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